In the following we have listed a small selection of tours. All tours are approx. 300 km long so they can be done in one day.

Corniche de Cévennes and Mont Aigoual

This motocycle tour combines infinite driving pleasure along the Corniche de Cévennes with breathtaking views of the summit of the Mont Aigoual.
You will find the GPS Data here. [122 KB]

Cirque de Navacelles and Viaduc de Millau

This motocycle tour leads us to unique wonders of nature and technical masterpieces. Here, you will find the GPS-Data. [154 KB]

Gorges du Tarn und Causse Méjan

This motocycle tour shows us the famous Gorges du Tarn and the environmental tableland the Causses Méjan.
Here are the GPS-Data. [134 KB]

The Canyons of the Ardèche

This motocycle tour has two highlights. First, the ride through the famous Gorges de l'Ardèche and second, my insider tip: motobiking from Le Vans to Génolhac.
Here are the coordinates. [222 KB]

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