Have you ever been to Southern France on your motorbike? Pyrenees, Massive Central, Valley of the Ardéche, Provence, … How many thousand kilometres of the most beautiful scenery these might be?
And did you ask yourself then, why is it that I am not living here? This is how we felt for years. In summer 2006, we decided to pack our bags and leave Germany (sell the house) and buy a new home in Southern France. We found “La Grenouille”. A post station built in 1750 at the southern foothills of the Cévennes. 60 km away from the Mediterranean Sea. The Pyrenees and the French Alps can be reached easily. And right in front of our own doorstep the endless bends of the Massive Central.

But what is there to do in Southern France?

Well naturally, riding the motorbike, enjoying the food, laying in the sun, …
And what shall we live on? And will it not become dull and boring after a while?
Therefore we decided to reconstruct the post station to have a number of guest rooms, which we can rent to interested bikers.
The reconstruction and the renovation work was done in winter 2006/2007. All rooms are equipped with their own bath with shower and WC as well as a satellite TV. A WIFI is also availible.

biking and lieing in the sun

Who are we?

Sabine and Uwe. Two enthusiastic bikers, both from about 1956.
After we have put our children (a total of 5) more or less on their own feet it was time to plan and realise the second half of life. A good many holidays in France in the past got us addicted. To the scenery, the roads, the food, … We would like to share these wonderful experiences with other bikers. This is why we bought La Grenouille.

Our fleet

First there is our all-rounder, the good old Super Blackbird (Honda CBR 1100 XX). The ideal motorbike for longer tours alone or in pairs and for short trips into the Pyrenees or the Alps. We bought the Super Blackbird after the red Triumph had over 60,000 km on the odometer. Nobody wanted the Triumph any more, and so we kept it and converted it.
What else should we use to ride at over 30° C during the summer? Every bit of plastic cover prevents the necessary airstream cooling. Then, but not only then, it is time for the Triumph Daytona. 120 HP and more than 100 Nm torque starting at 5,500 RPM are really fun on the winding roads of the Massive Central.

But not to forget our Yamaha. A motorbike not only to be used to shop for Croissants and Baguette. Just in the transitional period (November, February) it is sometimes the best choice. According to Mr. Spiegel a motorbike is only as good as its upper half. And the sound of the little one has really no problem to keep abreast of the other two.

Why riding a bike is so wonderful down here

The picture on the right links you to a download of a video clip (approx. 95 MB). The MPEG video is located in a zip file. Start the video by opening the file and start the Media Player on your computer by double clicking on the file name.
The video shows parts of the ride from Pont l’Herault to La Grenouille from the biker’s perspective.

Onboard Videos