Mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. Nature has marked the most diverse landscapes in southern France. Flat plains, as they can be found in the 100 km distant Camargue, deeply incised valleys, which are known here as Gorges, high plateaus, mountain peaks above the tree line the most diverse natural spectacles. The following pictures show only a small selection.

Our valley, taken from half way up the Mont Aigoual   The summit of Mont Aigoual reachable by car   Waterfall in the valley of Vis, right at the waterfall you can swim fine   The valley of the Vis, Cirque de Navacelles  
Gorges de la Jonte, wild vultures live here, a visitors station explain more  Gorge du Tarn, very well known and worth seeing  Gorge de l'Ardèche  The Mediterranean Sea at La Grande Motte 


In addition to the valleys the rivers have washed out deep caves. Many of the caves can be visited.
Here are the most popular:

La Grotte de Demoiselles
Aven Armand
Grotte de Dargilan

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