La Grenouille is located about 2.5 kilometers outside the village of Valleraugue, a small picturesque village at the foot of the Cevennes. From here, among other things, you can see the summit of the Mount Aigoual 25 km away with 1567 m the second highest mountain in the Cevennes to see.

The two cities of the Ganges and Le Vigan are only about 20 km south.


The simplest is to travel from the south. Coming from Le Vigan or Ganges , turn in the village of Pont d'Herault at the chapel to the north (follow the direction of Valleraugue). Now there are almost exactly 13 km to us. Approx. 700 m in front of our house you drive through two houses which are directly related to the road. Our house is on the right hand side. Directly opposite on the left side is the parking lot.

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